Casetypes we solve :


All casetypes concerning internet purchase of goods, services and rental agreements made in another EU country, that can be solved under the european small claim procedure can be brought forward online through our portal.

Max. value of claim 5000 €.

Types of issues:

-Issues with cancelling, returning order.

-Issues with faulty goods and services.

-Issue with delivery

-Issue with pricing, payments.

-Issue with unfair contract terms.


Goods :electronic equipment and devices, household equipment, music instruments, sports equipment, furniture and so forth

Services : show tickets, restaurant, hotel, transport, repair, subscription ageements and so forth

Rental agreement : boatrental, carrental, holiday house and so forth

Our services:

STEP 1 - warning letter

You explain the issue to seller and what you want through our unique >>click and go<< system - takes 15 mins to complete

Our system generates a legally binding warning letter to seller

We send the warning letter via recommended post to seller

STEP 2 - court procedure

If issue is not resolved within 14 days, you can escalate matter to your local court. - through our unique >>click and go<< system - takes 15 mins to complete

Court procedure is normally 100% online by phone, mail or letter. No lawyer needed.

Check your risk averse

Check how much court procedure costs and how much you have to pay to opponent if you loose.

Why use us :


Use Quickcourt instead of the consumer settlement organs that have no legal binding power on seller in EU transnational consumer matters

You can also use Quickcourt if you have already tried to solve the issue with seller either yourself or through a consumer organ

Its fast and efficient

If seller does not respond to your warning letter within 14 days you take the case to your local court. Total period for complete procedure including court verdict 3-5 months.

When seller knows you are serious about your issue chances are he will comply rapdily.

Full support

We offer full support throughout the procedure - we get back on your questions, issues within 24 hours.

You can also catch us on online chat or by phone +45 27319344.

Start procedure / legal explanation :

Start procedure now - Price : 10€