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All cases that can be handled as small claims under the european small claims procedure are eligible. Start your case online through our unique and self explanatory click and go system(max. value 4000 €)
First stage, price 199 kr :
Included in service is warning letter which we setup, formalize and send recommended.

Second stage, price 299 kr. ex. court fee :
Included in our service is setup of subpoena and sending of subpoena to right court.

All type of internetpurchases

All types of travel purchases over the internet

All types of rental agreements over the internet

Delay compensation for plane

Soon more to come

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1. Cases with a max. value of 50.000 kr. excl. interests and case costs.

2.Cases that dont have a money value. For example when you want the defendant to be sentenced to do something or refrain from doing something.

The basic idea with the small claims procedure is : simple cases needs to be handled through a simple procedure. If this condition is not present your case will normally be redirected to a normal procedure, which you can of course refuse to follow up on.

The average time for handling small claims is 3-4 months including warning letter and court procedure.

A warning letter is a letter wherein the defendant is advised of your claim and why you make a claim. Sending of warning letter is standard procedure before making a subpoena.
A subpoena is a formal demand to your local court asking defendant to comply with your claim. The court decides through a judgement whether your claim is founded..

The small claim procedure is tailored in such a way that you dont need a lawyer.

1. You make your complain through Quickcourt through our unique click and go system.

2. Claim is afterward sent to your local court which conducts further preparation of the case.

3. The court shall, on its own initiative, arrange for further proceedings which are collected in a completed document prepared by the court ready for rendering a sentence.

If there is any unclarity in connection with the preparation of the document, your claim, evidence or anything else in the case, the court provides assistance and guidance.

If the court considers that there is need for further evidence than those you have submitted, the judge may assist with an expert statement. The court will assist in all aspects of the expert statement.

4. The court will draw up the final petition for you, which will form the basis of the oral hearing in which you attend the court. Please note that oral hearing are the exception. Normally the whole procedure will be by phone or mail. Only under certain circumstances will an oral hearing be held.

5. At the final main negotiation which usually lasts 1 or 2 hours, the parties submit the case and provide evidence based on the claim. The oral procedure requires a little preparation from home, but the court is also required to guide the parties during the oral procedure. You may get help from an acquaintance who has legal experience to assist you or hire a lawyer to conduct the oral hearing. But its not difficult to go by yourself.

6. The court normally takes a decision on the same day.


Check how much court procedure costs and how much you have to pay to opponent if you loose.

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